4617 Lee Waters Rd Marietta, GA 30066

Will Harrison




  • 13U

Like most boys, Will has always loved dirt, but also took a strange liking to the line chalk and the grass. At 8 years old he realized catching was his spot, when he said, “the catcher is the only guy on the field who is facing the other way and he sees everything that’s going on… and I like that!” Over the years he has grown to love playing anywhere and everywhere on the field. His #1 most loved position is at home plate, with his bat in his hand, where he excels, due to extensive practice.

School: 7th grade at Elkins Pointe, In Roswell. Loves History, Math, and is an avid reader. Enjoys and excels in school and plays the saxophone in the band. Member of Christian Athletes Club and Beta Club.

Other interests: Rowing/Crew, Karate, Action Sports, Motorsports of all kinds and loves cars.

Favorite Player: Tyler Flowers, Catcher, Atlanta Braves